22 Sep 2012

Tips for new kitten owners

Howdy folks!

I have been very busy these last few months with my adorable kitten Gus. He is a long haired domestic with black and white colouring.


Now Gus has been giving me slight meltdowns ever since I got him - I didn't quite anticipate how child like he would be!

Since having my little fluffy bundle of joy I have been able to gather some helpful tips and tricks for new kitten owners and I would like to share them with you!

  • ALWAYS leave the toilet seat down - your kitten will want to jump in (less said about this the better!)
  • Switch up your kittens food - wet/dry and different brands.  This will help them to be less fussy grown ups.
  • FLOWERS can kill! Please do your research and don't poison your kitten with fresh flowers.
  • Pick up everything you don't want weed in/on.  Also make sure your keep the litter tray fresh at all times to stop nasty 'presents' in your house.
  • Try and tire them out before bed time - this will save you being woken at 3am by a pouncing kitten biting your nose/toes/lip/ear.

I hope some of you have found these tips useful.  I best go and sort Gus out now, I can hear him playing with something in the bathroom (please not the toilet brush again!)


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