3 Nov 2012

Tips for new home owners

As most of you know, I have been living in my lovely little flat now for around 6 months.  I was very hesitant to live by myself at first (still a little girl at heart) but I sucked it up, took the leap and have not looked back since!

I am not the cleanest of bunnies, but I have suprised myself with how house proud I feel and I have been gathering lots of handy little tips to make sure my flat stays in tip top condition.  I thought it only correct to share these with you!

                                                              Tip One.                                                              
Always make sure, that when you boil a kettle or use the toaster you pull it out from undeneath the kitchen cupboards.  This will prevent unsightly markings and burns on the underneath of your kitchen units which will appear over time.
Tip Two.
To avoid scum build up in your shower, always use a shower spray straight after you get out.  It should be lightly sprayed onto any wet surfaces and allowed to dry.  This will prevent clogged up shower screens and keep your taps, tiles, bath and shower looking sparkly.

Tip Three.
Saving space in a small flat is crucial, and storing bulky bedding can be troublesome.  Try folding up a sheet, pillowcases and duvet cover, then slide them all into a matching pillowcase.  Everything will be crease free and very easy to store.
That is all for now guys, I am off to see my Mum and have a cup of tea.  Have a great day! 

22 Sep 2012

Tips for new kitten owners

Howdy folks!

I have been very busy these last few months with my adorable kitten Gus. He is a long haired domestic with black and white colouring.


Now Gus has been giving me slight meltdowns ever since I got him - I didn't quite anticipate how child like he would be!

Since having my little fluffy bundle of joy I have been able to gather some helpful tips and tricks for new kitten owners and I would like to share them with you!

  • ALWAYS leave the toilet seat down - your kitten will want to jump in (less said about this the better!)
  • Switch up your kittens food - wet/dry and different brands.  This will help them to be less fussy grown ups.
  • FLOWERS can kill! Please do your research and don't poison your kitten with fresh flowers.
  • Pick up everything you don't want weed in/on.  Also make sure your keep the litter tray fresh at all times to stop nasty 'presents' in your house.
  • Try and tire them out before bed time - this will save you being woken at 3am by a pouncing kitten biting your nose/toes/lip/ear.

I hope some of you have found these tips useful.  I best go and sort Gus out now, I can hear him playing with something in the bathroom (please not the toilet brush again!)